Audition Form

All of our productions take place in The Dalles, Oregon.

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Responsibility and Waiver

  1. Players will accept the responsibility to learn lines, attend all
    required rehearsals, performances, and promotional events for
    any part given to them by The Theatre Company.
  2. All players will be financially responsible for any lost or
    unreasonably damaged scripts, vocal scores, costumes, props,
    etc. which are given to them by The Theatre Company.
  3. The Theatre Company reserves the right to dismiss any player
    who is negligent in attending rehearsals, learning lines, and for
    general irresponsibility. Such actions by the player will affect
    their right to participate in future productions.
  4. The consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated before and
    during rehearsals, promotional activities, or performances.
  5. Director and Costumer have final authority on costume

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